The Sodium Ranch is a polyvalent entertainment company based in Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2009, The Ranch is a home base and incubator for works in cinema, photography and fine art. In 2015 The Sodium Ranch moved its physical operations into The Brooklyn Navy Yard and began expanding its fleet of vehicles to accommodate its expanding role as a vendor of lighting and grip equipment to the commercial production industry.

Renouncing inefficiency, the original Sodium Ranch equipment inventory was aimed at expanding the aesthetic possibilities of motion picture productions with limited budgets. Innovations to make use of industrial fixtures and LED technology enabled projects with limited resources to achieve production value appropriate to the limitlessness of creativity.

The Sodium Ranch was initially, and in many aspects still is, a design company and not simply a rental house or service broker. After years of growth and experience with larger and more complex projects, the principles of efficiency, creativity, research and preparation have proven to be as useful in the fields of feature film, television, and advertising as they are indispensable in fine art and experimental film and photography.

Since its expansion, The Sodium Ranch has been pleased to work with numerous production companies in New York and Los Angeles as well as national and international brands. Throughout these collaborations it has remained focused on thorough expertise and premium service in order that it add value to any project. This focus will continue to guide operations as creative industries evolve.